Your child will experience a wealth of engaging and inspirational activities at Bambinos.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework at Bambinos

Children delight in investigatory and exploratory play both indoors and outdoors. At Bambinos, learning through play is central to our ethos and children can successfully progress through all seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We aim to encourage all children to progress and achieve their potential through using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to observe, assess, plan, amend and evaluate each step of the way for every child’s individual needs. Every child benefits from a safe, secure and enabling environment where learning through play is central to individual learning and development. The Early Years Foundation Stage is embedded in everything we do at Bambinos. The principles surrounding this framework are displayed in every room and can be seen in each child’s individual Learning Diary.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, there are four themes: A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development. The characteristics of effective learning within the EYFS are integral in all our planning.
There are three prime areas of learning which are;

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Communication and Language

There are four specific areas of learning which are;

  1. Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Understanding the World
  4. Expressive Arts and Design


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Each child is assigned a key person with whom a secure attachment will be formed with as well as your child also enjoying secure relationships with other members of staff in his or her unit. Your child will be able to grow in confidence, self-esteem, develop relationships with staff and peers and learn more about social situations and self-care. This prime area of learning is constant and present throughout all activities your child will experience. All Bambinos settings actively promote The Prevent Duty 2015 document including fundamental British values. We actively promote democracy by making decisions together such as through a Children’s Council; we promote a rule of law by helping children to understand their feelings and behaviour of themselves and those around them through learning about good codes of behaviour in circle times and incidental incidents throughout each day. We promote individual liberty and freedom for all by ensuring children have a positive sense of themselves. We do this through self-portraits, family tree photographs, all about me information, role play and small world. Bambinos has a strong ethos of mutual respect and tolerance and this is promoted through all our policies and procedures; actively celebrating festivals and different cultures from around the world including enjoying visits from various multi-cultural visitors, our Children’s Council and our ability to challenge stereo types that children may be subjected to through a child led approach.

Physical Development

Physical development takes place daily at Bambinos as the children have access to outdoor and indoor play spaces including ball pool or soft play rooms. We believe in daily fresh air for the children and supporting children in their physical development from taking their first steps to achieving a successful climb on a climbing frame or balance on one leg! We also encourage staff to support children in health and bodily awareness and all children are able to become more confident in using a range of equipment and materials such as using one-handed tools when painting or showing increasing control with fastenings on clothing.

Communication and Language

Your child will participate in various activities which will enhance communication skills including listening and attention, understanding and speaking. These will range from staff encouraging the first gurgling and babbling noises a young child makes up until when a child is engaging in sustained shared thinking with staff or peers and communicating clearly and effectively for their age. All children will progress in their listening skills as they partake in story activities and listening walks in the garden! The children will develop their understanding of language through different means as we endeavour to ensure your child is ready for their next stage of learning when they leave us.


Children will take great delight in enjoying books at the setting including knowing how to handle books and that they can be a source of stories and information. The children will also engage in story and rhyme time activities through varied genres and means including books, CDs and other electronic forms. Developing the children's use of writing and mark making resources is encouraged from day one with early mark making up until when they can write their name independently and beyond! We make mark making and writing at nursery fun and inspiring!



Numbers are everywhere and are used on a daily basis through sing-song and rhyme, display, circle time activities and everyday life! Your child will explore and experiment with counting, naming shapes, calculating and measuring through a wide range of play opportunities. These may include counting fingers and toes during one-to-one key person time and/or having to problem-solve by counting out the plates for tea on the table to make sure they have enough for everyone!

Understanding the World

Every child’s curiosity is celebrated and encouraged at Bambinos as they explore, play and seek meaning in their experiences. We ensure every child is able to investigate, construct, question and develop their awareness of the world around them including ICT and technology, people and communities and the world. We celebrate diversity and a range of different cultures and religions with the children to extend their knowledge of the wider world and the community they live in. We welcome all input from parents/carers who wish to share their culture, job/profession with the children. This can be arranged through the nursery manager.

Expressive Arts and Design

Your child will experience an extensive range of creative activities at Bambinos. Thses will range from daily sensory and messy activities like gloop, jelly play, shaving foam play, water and sand play as well as other creative activities such as dance, music and drama. The children also thoroughly delight in role-play activities where they can develop their imagination and role play opportunities are always available. Exploring and being imaginative is key to successful learning through play and is central to our ethos at Bambinos.

Baby Sign Language/Makaton

A number of our staff are trained in Baby Sign Language and/or Makaton to further enhance the communication between young children and adults. This training is identified when needed and addressed accordingly through our annual training courses. We also roll out Sing and Sign sessions with our babies!


Record Keeping and Planning

The Bambinos planning process for each child ensures regular observation to assess the stage of development and/or interest. Planning is displayed in every room for parents/carers to view/contribute to if they so wish.
We monitor each child’s progress across all areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Framework by documenting each child’s learning in an individual Learning Diary. This illustrates the steps your child makes over time and includes development and significant moments from inside and outside the nursery. We encourage all parents/carers to contribute to this as often as possible, and Parent Partnership Slips are available for this purpose. Sticky note observations are also made regularly by staff when a significant moment or development is noticed and these are kept in the Learning Diaries.

We offer regular Parent Afternoon/Evenings where parents/carers can come in and discuss their child’s development and progress with their key person while looking through the Learning Diary. Each term we complete an individual progress report on your child and this is shared with you on each occasion and we work together with you on deciding your child's next steps for development. At age 2 years, we will complete a statutory Progress Check in conjunction with yourself and your child's health visitor.
We see you the parent/carer as the main educator in your child's life and wish to work in collaboration with you to ensure your child is enjoying and achieving.

A Transfer Document will be completed for your children when they are due to leave nursery and/or go to Primary School, and an additional copy will be given to each parent/carer.