The nursery provides a welcoming and stimulating environment where children feel secure and able to access challenging and exploratory activities in a safe space. We ensure the indoor and outdoor environments are communication-friendly, rich in text and visual images.

Learning To Interact

Children need to interact with natural and everyday objects and this is achieved through heuristic play and treasure baskets featuring wood, metal and a range of fabric, textures and colours.

Working Together

Children work together to produce inspiring and creative work which is displayed around the nursery. We document children’s learning by displaying photographs of activities/events they have taken part as a visual example of the learning process.

The Hub

The Hub is our after-school and holiday club for children attending primary schools. The hours of opening vary between term time and holiday periods dependant upon need. A child collection service is available from selected schools, and the nursery manager can discuss this further with you.

The main ingredients at The Hub are care, safety and fun with a “themed” programme of planned activities throughout the holidays. We also ensure children cam enjoy active activities after school as well as more quiet and relaxing activities after their busy school day!

Bambinos Age Groups

All children are cared for in separate groups according to age and corresponding Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and Ofsted guidelines.

These are generally in three age groups - 0 - 2 years , 2 - 3 years, 3 - 5 years and 5 - 11 years but may vary slightly at individual settings.

Each group has a set amount of space available, and there are often other shared areas such as ball pools, soft play rooms, sensory or provocation rooms which all children have access to at various times throughout the day. We adhere to staff to child ratios in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

All equipment and resources are appropriate to children's developmental needs and are checked and monitored by the manager who regularly risk-assesses the nursery.

Starting Nursery

We offer a home visit before you join us at Bambinos to discuss details about your child's requirements and your expectations. This gives us an insight into your child’s existing daily patterns and routines, considering likes and preferences.

Settling-in sessions prior to the actual start date at nursery can be arranged and are beneficial to you and your child. We suggest that you drop in to the Nursery with your child a few times, for an hour or two, before he or she is due to start to gently introduce the child to the new surroundings and the staff.

Things to Bring to Nursery

Bambinos provides protective clothing for the children when they engage in messy activities, although we strongly recommend that children do not wear their best clothes to nursery.

Parents will need to provide the following items, but we ask that no carrier bags are brought into the nursery:

  • Change of clothes in case of accidents
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for children aged 2 years or above
  • Outdoor clothing e.g. wellies or sun hat depending on weather conditions
  • Disposable nappies
  • Creams and wet wipes
  • A comforter if necessary

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Discover our centre and see the features and location.
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