Our Montessori nursery is a child-led setting following a teaching method that puts children into a prepared learning environment where children can freely choose the activities they want to do to.

Children learn through play using specially designed Montessori toys and resources.

Guided by our trained teachers, children have access to self-educating practical play which encourages them to ask their own questions and discover their own answers.

Our Montessori classrooms and outdoor areas are set up to meet the needs for a specific age range as well as the individual personalities of each child to encourage self-learning and collaborative play.

Our carefully prepared environments facilitate movement and activity and only include easily accessible learning material that supports a child’s development.

With a range of activities and resources available to them, all children have the opportunity to engage with the activity of their choice and each other for as long as they like rather than having a set timetable for the day.

Our belief is that an environment set up in this way gives children a deeper level of understanding of the different areas of learning, such as language and mathematics, as well as social interaction and more.

Our Learning resources within the environment are organised by subject area, such as language or mathematics, and are freely available to the child to interact with.

Even if children have the freedom to explore the learning environment as they wish, order and structure is recognised as an important part to enable children to thrive.

As a child is finished with a particular activity, they are taught to take responsibility and put it back in its place before moving on.

The resources and activities in our Montessori classrooms support all aspect of child development.

Our Montessori’s hands-on learning philosophy, children are encouraged to follow their natural instincts and respond to whatever comes to their minds, provoking creative choices from natural curiosity.

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